Genau so und nicht anders sieht's aus!

If you want to get high definition and keep it for the rest of your life then DON’T BULK UP, which entails gorging yourself with extra calories.

Bulking up means to pack on a lot of body weight in a hurry. Is this productive or are you wasting your time?

My advice base on my own experience is: Don’t do it.

Quality muscle takes time to develop. It’s better to add not more then 5 lbs (Anm.: ca. 2,5kg) of solid muscle a year by training and eating right than to gain 30-40 lbs of surplus tissue, much of which is fat and water retention.

When you train down and lose the excess bulk you will most likely find yourself in the same place where you started, a year later, a year wasted. You cannot improve your definition this way.
— Frank Zane, Legende